Friday, November 16, 2012

wear your bra to work week

As the title suggests, i have been super girly this week and worn my bra to work everyday.

this is the first time ever done this at my new place of work (i have been here for about 18 months now), and it felt fabulous.  i was very subconscious at the start of the week as to whether my bra would show though my shirts etc.  I usually wear a white t-shirt underneath as it is often cold in our office (everyone else thinks it is warm, but i think it is cold - just like a girl!).  as the week went on, my shirts became more fitting and tighter, so the bra became more noticeable if someone was looking.

on arriving at the office on tuesday i was sent straight out to Telford (2.5 hr drive) with a colleague.  He is in his early 40's, quite "manly", and a bit of charmer with a ladies.  not overly attractive, but as i have said he has no problem getting women.  it must have been quite a contrast as little old me was sat in the passenger seat, legs crossed at all times with hands delicately laid on my knees.  only moving my hands to talk.

i also noticed him checking out any other girls / women that we saw, almost to the point of leching over them and straining his neck.  a typical man, only after one thing!  i bet he didn't notice how cute her shoes were, how she had done her make-up or wondered how long it took to get hair looking that.  but one of us did.

Obviously, when we called at the toilets, he went to the urinal and i went to the stalls.  he must have thought i have a bug or something, unless he twigged that i am a sissy.

following the period simulation rules (i still have to post about), i am supposed to feel a rise in my sex drive as this week progresses, wearing more revealing clothes, sexier underwear etc.  a funny thing is that i actually did, but i did it subconsciously.

i started the week in a pair of aqua and pink boy shorts, then a white thong for two days, then a black and white lacy thong.  friday i wore a black G-string.

i did see one colleague looking at my face in the office and i could see his eyes keep looking down at my chest, then my face, then my chest, then my face.  i don't know if he saw anything, but it was definitely how a real man would act when talking to a pretty girl.  maybe someone had seen something and he was checking me out to see if it is true?

it has been a fun week, and i am sure that wearing panties and a bra has helped me keep calm throughout what was actually quite a stressful week.  it is hard to get mad and shout when you are wearing sexy underwear!!!!!!

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