Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my new job and this blog

i have had this blog too long to let it wither and die, and i will not be deleting it whatever happens, although blogger may delete it for me!!

i have spent the past few weeks just doing some captions, and i have enjoyed it, but i don't want this blog to become just a caption blog.  it started as a blog of my feelings, along with somewhere to post and share the sissy files i had collected.  however the next posts (several of them) will be captions.  my stats go up when i post captions, so i know they are popular, but this is my blog about me.

so i haven't disappeared totally, and please keep checking back


well nearly 4 weeks into my new job, and i am finally beginning to settle in a little.  it has been hard up until now, especially since i haven't had time to dress or anything like that.  however work is quiet, and i am now spending more and more time on the computer at work looking at the internet.

i have also figured a way of making some time to dress, so hopefully i will get my chance in a week or so.

i have some photos of me in some new clothes so i may post them when i get time inbetween the captions


in the meantime - enjoy the captions, i hope they are not too "samey" for you

love susan

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