Saturday, July 30, 2011

a change of mind

after a bit of deliberation, i have decided that i don't want this blog to become just another caption blog (nothing wrong with that), as i started it to relay my feelings / experiences and share some of the files i have on my computer.

i ahve been writing some captions for hte past few days, an i have enjoyed it, so i have decided to add another blog - susans captions (not a really catchy title i know), and put all of the captions in there.

i noticed that when i posted captions, my visitor numbers went up, so it is something that you like to see, but i don't want my other posts to get lost in the middle of hundreds of caps.

stealing an idea from one of my favourite blogs - my life OMG -
i intend to add some ideas of what i would be doing / like to be doing if i was living with a man or been trained by a master.  hopefully you will like what i have to say and we can feed other ideas off each other.

my other blog is at there will be more content as i get it posted / sorted.

i also have some pictures of myself to post, so all of those will be here.


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Mike Pen said...

Like your blog. Keep posting.