Tuesday, July 05, 2011

a little shopping trip.

having been bored a little i decided i needed to buy myself some new clothes to cheer me up.  i had decided to go to a local matalan (discount) clothes store and buy a bandeau dress (never had one before) and some white lacey panties.

i had never been shopping for clothes in this store, and i was a little apprehensive, so i decided to drab down and not go in too obvious.  the store is very close to home, so i was nervous and dressed accordingly.  i went wearing some black panties and a black bra filled with my silicone breast forms.  on top of this i wore a grey hoodie.  my breasts were noticable if you looked closely.  i also wore some pink lipgloss.

the shop was fairly quiet and i went a bit mad and bought the following...

a bandeau dress

a pink sundress (this is lovely and i would highly recommend it + it was only £5)

some new thongs (in black and white)

a new "smart" skirt that goes to below the knee

and a white with black spots blouse with a small belt.  this was to match the skirt, and i look every inch the perfect secretary!!!  (sorry no picture)

i had all of these items in by basket when i joined the queue at the checkout.  there was about 5 people in front of me, and 2 behind me when i got served.  there were 3 people serving, 1 man (about 22) and two women (approx mid 30's).  you guessed it - i had the man.  i did want to have one of the women so i could ask about returns etc, but i didn't feel comfortable asking the man!! - i don't think he would get it!!

i then went and bought some new cosmetics - mascara, eye liners and foundation.

all in all a usual girly shopping trip - total cost £60 - bargain!!!!

i will post some pictures later of me wearing some of the clothes.


Anonymous said...

Great...ooh, I love that first dress!!:D
I HATE those checkout lines in FRONT of store...so scary, even if I'm okay back in the lingerie section...
Getting the guy checkout sucks... but you got some great stuff!!!

Charmane said...

I also LOVE that bandeau dress! I'll bet it FEELS wonderful to wear it - and that you LOOK smashing in it!