Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No. 32 - End of Chapter 4

Now we need to do a bit of revision, because there is so much feminization going on... and you need to control it better.

I have broken up below the various things you should be doing to feminize yourself and I have seperated them into 'normal' daily duties and the longer term tasks you have to complete.

Daily Tasks

You should every day be doing the following :-

Keeping yourself feminine and smooth by shaving and hair remover.

Be using feminine toiletries to soften and care for your skin and body.

Have your toenails painted and your nails varnished.

Be wearing panties, pantyhose (or stockings) and a bra (under your outer false male persona if you have to ) or completely in skirts/dresses and blouses during the day.

Wear high heels at home all the time.

Wear a feminine, sexy, silky nightdress each night.

Be living in a very femininely styled home.

Be cleaning/keeping that house and doing the housework dressed as a maid.

Keeping yourself in chastity- to reward yourself at the weekends (?) for following/doing all the above.

Be studying and learning more about makeup and being a woman.

Long Term Tasks / Goals

Long term, you currently should be trying to complete the following :-

Using dieting and light exercise, to create a slimmer sexier you.

Using corsets to help you achieve that feminine figure.

Be trying to create a better (more private?) living environment where you can dress and be yourself?

Having a digital camera and recording your dressing ( to share the images online ?).

Have an online presence on the internet to make new sissy friends.

Finding new local gay or tranvestite or ts friends to help your feminization.

Learning new skills to make you a better sissy.

Where to next ?

Do not think about continueing until you can say that you are doing your daily tasks and at least making an effort on most of the long term tasks.

Up to this most of the lessions, are (to some extent) feminizations that you can keep secret.

From now on, I am including ideas and things to do, to make you a better sissy- which you won't be able to hide.

Up to you, if you really really want to be a complete sissy... Well do you?


Sharon said...

I have enjoyed your articles, although I am somewhat still in the closet I do keep my body hairless. I do keep nail polish on my toenails, use feminine hygiene products on a regular basis. Wear panties and pantyhose and have been know to walk around in my backyard wearing a woman's one piece swimsuit. Every once in a while I will leave my home dressed completely as a woman as I did yesterday and it felt fantastic.

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing