Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No. 25 - End Of Chapter 3

Time here to pause for review of where you are in your feminization and where we are going next.

Current Position

It has probably taken you 8-10 months to reach here.

You are wearing feminine lingerie all the time.

You are fully dressing as much as you can in private.

You are skilled in makeup and probably another skill like cooking or baking.

You have done figure training for the last 6 months to give yourself a more feminine shape.

Your house looks more like a woman's home and you do your weekly housework dressed as a sexy french maid.

You have bought a digital camera and have been to a dressing centre- so you can have advice on your sissy looks.

Next ?

The next chapter is going to move onwards with your feminization and start you on some sissy sex training....

If you are lucky in the future- you might look like some of the shemales in this quiz  -

A girl can dream, eh?

Here's the link to the next chapter .

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