Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No. 31 - Eyebrows

Could not resist putting up some Marily Monroe photos .. I probably could have picked some more specific related photos to this subject but Marilyn is so beautiful...

Your current position ?

Your are dressing as feminine as possible, both day and night.

You have chenged your wardrobe, home and hopefully your body to be as sexy a sissy, as you can be.

Activity / Task

This is a task that you should do over time, to slightly alter your appearance and make your eyebrows much more dainty and feminine looking.

Probably best to use and eyebrow stencil and the Eyebrowz site has some great examples with photos, for you to follow.

No need to do this all at once, but over a few weeks or months you should reach the look you want (or can get away with?).

I give these sites below as information reading on this subject- so get studying and plucking !






Obviously there are lots more sites- so also do some research yourselves


You can go on to the next step in this guide, but only if you are engaged in a process to trim and mold your eyebrows to make them sexy, feminine and attractive...

On to the next step...


martin said...

i hink this cap/post is totally arousing, I should start reading your blog from the beginning. It sounds very hot

thank you

xxx martin

susanrhodes said...

Thank you for your kind comments. my blog is true to life, and unless stated i have done all of these things!!!

Jennyuwhen said...

love the blog xx