Monday, August 30, 2010

having just returned from a few days away with the family, i had used up all of my aftershave etc. and i wanted to get some new stuff.  i had decided to get some some Eternity for men for when i do feel masculine (not that often), but i wanted something for everyday use.

i was really wanting to get some CK one, but then i heard about the dolce and gabbana new stuff, so after trying a sample, i picked out the girliest one of the three the saleslady said were suitable for a man (no. 6 - L amouroux).  i didn't buy it from her, but ordered it from the internet and it is that masculine that it comes with its own free vanity case....!!

whilst shoppping in Cambridge i did see som CKin2u on a super cheap deal (£15 for 100ml), i asked why it was cheap and she said it was last seasons.  so i bought it.  got it at home now and realised that it was (yes you guessed) CKin2u for her.

so rather than getting a unisex scent such as CK one, i have ended up with a bottle of ladies perfume and a bottle of eau de toilette that is supposed to be unisex, but comes with a free vanity case!!!

looks like my daily scent will be as a woman for some considerable time.

maybe the world is trying to tell me something!!!


Johanna said...

fun! the more often you use, the faster it goes - but the more you get used to wearing it!

susanrhodes said...

thats right johanna, but hopefully then i can go and shop for more!!