Tuesday, May 15, 2012

its coming back little by little

Hi all
i am not yet fully back into a girlish mode, but have been feeling more like it over the past couple of days (thanks for the encouragement - Happy Pet)

i have been reading tumblr a bit, although i admit that i hadn't really heard of it or used it before.  i have been getting a bit worked up.

meanwhile at work the company is "busy", but i can cope quite easily with the work, so much so, i offered to help one of our sub-contractors, who had said she was very busy, by writing some documentation for them.  the lady in their office was very grateful and actually replied "Thank you so much, if ever you are in need of sexual gratification, I would be happy to help you out in exchange for your understanding on this occasion."

as a man i have never been offered this before!!

however as a sissy, this does not interest me!!

so i laughed a little and said thanks.

today, i offered again, and this is how the conversation went......

"Do you want me to help you out?"

Your offer is like music from heaven to me at this time, and very much appreciated

"No problem, Glad to be of help to you"

Will you marry me?

* thinking i had to put something a bit sissyish in... *

"I am willing to serve you, clean up and cook will that do? Do anything that makes your life better."

I love you and when I am next in the office I will come to your room, shut the door and pleasure you in whatever you require.

"Making you happy is all the pleasure I need"

So i am currently dreaming that this might lead to me been dressed like this on a weekend and serving a Mistress...


Happy pet said...

Thanks for the comment Susan, looks like things may be looking up for you:) Have fun and pray do tell us all about it


Miss MT said...

funny how the urge ebbs and flows isn't it? i often wonder what would happen if i met the man of my dreams tomorrow: would he still be what I was dreaming of a week later? At the same the, I always find my desire to dress and to submit to a guy comes back again, just as strong as ever - it's definitely a part of my psyche, and I've just decided to live with that truth about myself. How about you?


susanrhodes said...

Hi Miss MT and thanks for the comments. i was quite certain that my sissyness would return, but it had been away for longer this time! i find it strange that it ebbs and flows, but i too have learned to live with it and relish it when it is back!!