Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another man......The meeting

This is the second and final part.
I apologise for it been text heavy, but i hav eno photos i want to put in and fel some other photos may distract.

I had booked an afternoon off work and had arranged to go to his flat about a hours drive from where i live.  I had all my girly clothes in a suitcase ready, but i did sort of know what i wanted to wear.

I followed the sat nav to his postcode and then parked on the street outside.  I grabbed the suitcase and walked to the entrance door.  He lived in a second floor flat with a communal entrance.  We had agreed that he wouldn't see me until i was fully dressed and that he would leave his flat door open so i could enter and go straight to the bathroom to get ready.

This all worked like clockwork, i rang the bell said its susan and was soon in the bathroom opening my suitcase and becoming susan.  I knew what i was going to wear long before i got there.  We had talked about his fantasies and he just wanted me to be a girl, so i went for glamour.

I wore my pink bra and thong along with a black suspender belt and stockings.  I stuck my breasts to my chest and put all my lingerie on before i started to apply my make up.

My make up was not the best i have ever done, but he never said he was disappointed.  I almost forgot to add my mascara!!

i had been waiting for an excuse to wear the new black dress that had a broken zip (see previous posts), and today was the chance.  Heels on, Wig on, final touch of lipstick and a glimpse in the mirror and was out walking into the lounge where he was sitting down watching tv.

He heard me coming and jumped up to meet just inside the door.  He said wow i looked great and very sexy etc. which calmed me just a little.  He then offered me a drink and i just asked for a glass of water.

He was not what you would call an attractive man.  I had seen a picture of him so i knew what to expect.  Beggars can't be choosers.

I took a few sips of water as he asked where i had parked, how loong did it take to get here etc.  just general small talk to ease the tension.

i could see his eyes lighting up and i watched him as he moved closer and grabbed my bum.  i smiled and pushed his hands away saying "what type of girl do you think i am?"
he immediately grabbed it again and said "a hot and sexy one".

i let him feel me up more now.

His hands were all over my bum, back and hair as he pulled me closer for a kiss.   i gave him a quick peck before he pulled me very close and i put my hands up around his neck for longer and deeper kiss.

it felt really good deeply kissing a man while he felt my bottom though the dress.
we kissd for a while and he kept feeeling and telling me how good i look.

he then asked if i would like to go to the bedroom, i tried to give him the "of course i want to go to the bedroom" eyes and smile.  i am not sure how it came off, but he did lead me there.

once in the bedroom i put my handbag down and he kissed and felt me up a little more before i felt him unzipping my dress.  this is one of my favourite parts of been with a man, as he carefully undresses you.

i kept kissing him all the time as he undid the zip before he reached back at the shoulders and pulled the dress down while i wiggled a little to help.  Thios exposed all of my sexy lingerie underneath and he he said wow.  i could tell by his eyes that he liked it.

i stood back a little and let him have a good look.  he then pulled me close again and started to run his hands over my bare skin.  HIs hands were everywhere and i held onto him trying to be as sexy as possible for his enjoyment.

We kissed again and while we were kissing my hands reached down to the front of this trousers and i undid his belt.  He gave a smile knowing what i was doing,  I continued to unfasten his jeans and he let them fall to the floor.  I stood back as he stood out of them.

We kissed a little more as i felt his cock through his boxers.  He then started to take off his boxer shorts and i stood back.  He sort of pushed me backwards until i sat down on his rather low bed.  This made my face at the perfect height for his cock.

It was not a long cock, but it was quite thick, certainly  thicker than mine i thought as i wrapped my hands around it and stroked it a little hoping it would grow a lot longer.  it didn't but i knew it was not a long cock as i had seen a photo before.

I then leant forward and kissed the head before taking it into my mouth.  Because it was quite thick it did fill my mouth and i could not get any decent tongue action below the head.  I bobbed my head up and down a few times while i felt his hands on my shoulder and head.

i felt him pull away and he leant forward and pushed me onto my back on the bed.  he then climbed on top of me and kissed a bit a more.  My bottom was almost on the edge of the bed as he got up and he looked down at me, smiled and then lifted my legs up at the knees. I guessed what he was doing so i held my legs in this position for him.

I felt him pull my thong to the side and start to finger me a little.  i had already lubed up a little, but with hindsight i would have used a bit more.

When he had used two fingers on me he came forward and lifted my ankles into the air while he pushed his crotch towards me.    From the position on my back i could see him unwrap a condom but i never saw him actually put it on.  i felt his cock at my opening and then could feel him pushing forward.  It took a few seconds before i could relax enough to have him push inside me, but i then felt him stretch me out and push forward.

He used my legs as a lever and was very soon into a quick rhythm of thrusts.  I gave out a girly moan as i looked up at him.  It did feel good having a man spread your legs and take you this way.  it made me feel really girly as tried to relax and concntrate on the feelings.

He thrusted for a while before grabbing both my legs together and then taking me from the side with my back still on the bed.

Not long after that he pulled out andi couldn't see what he had done.  Apparently he had pulled off the condom (that i didn't see him put on)  he then started to wank himself over me.  I leaned forward and wanked him a bit myself, but as he was about to cum he said he wanted to spray my stomach so i lad back and felt him drip some cum onto my stomach.  It was not a big load, my guess would be that he often plays with himself.

He was exhausted so he came round the other side of the bed.  I told him that i would go an clean up to save getting cum all over the bed sheets.  He appreciated this, but i forgot my handbag as i went to the bathroom.  i was hoping to lube up again, but just ended up cleaning my stomach and repositioning my bra and panties.

As i got back to the bedroom he was laid on his side, smiling nicely to me.  i knew that he wanted me to climb back in bed and cuddle with him so did.  I kissed him and then snuggled into his arms, draping my stockinged leg over him and kissing him a few times and just generally cuddling.  We chatted a while about where he worked etc. and all the time i was in his arms.

After a few minutes, everytime he payed me a compliment i would kiss him.  After quite a few of these i started to stroke his cock and balls, but it did take some time before he had recovered to start getting erect again.

He was not quite fully erect when i tried to straddle him and sit on his cock (after asking him to put on a condom again).  i just couldn't relax and to be honest i wasn't really in the mood, more going through the motions.  This was disappointing for me as well as i wanted a big sex session!!

I could not take him in me and he said not to bother, taking off the condom.  He wanted me to stroke him while we kissed, so i did. i went down on him a coulple of times and took him in my mouth between stroking. He started to finger my bottom as i sucked and stroked him off and it seemed to take forever.  My arms were getting tired and he had no sign of cumming.  He even took over from me for a little while.

Eventually though he did manage to cum for a second time and asked if he could spray it over my bottom, so i turned over and let him.   not long afterwards i went and cleaned up again before returning for a cuddle.

Once we started cuddling he pulled me closer and up towards him.  he then started to finger me becoming more aggressive.  It wasn't a bad feeling him doing this to me!!

However my ass was starting to heat up and i could feel it burning.  i tried to relax and concentrate on the feelings to see if i could cum from this (he had said he would make me cum and not touch my clit).  It was nice, but the burning sensation killed any fire that rising inside (ironic that!!!)

he was getting more and more agressive, so i knew that i had to fake it.  yes that is right girls - i faked an orgasm with a man.  Whether that makes me more or less a girl ai don't know, but i suppose it is one off the bucket list.

i started to moan and take shallow breaths, getting faster until i let out a longer moan/little scream and bucked my body on his hand.  had i ben able to relax, then i may have been able to cum, he certainly did try.

With my breathing heavy and coming down from a nice feeling (albeit not an orgasm) i started to shower him with kisses saying thatnk you and that was amazing.  i then paused for a second and showered him with more kisses.  i think this made him feel special as if he had really done something nice for me.

i continued to shower him with kisses and then cuddle up to him for another 10 minutes or so before it was time for me to leave.

He asked if i was bothered if he saw me in "boy mode" as i left, i said no.

I got changed, packed my suitcase and as i started to leave he came out of the lounge and said bye.

overall, a slightly different experience to my last time, but nothing considerable.  it was strange to note how different the two men were, even though they were after (and got) the same thing.

It wasn't a wham bang thank you ma'am, it was more loving, but he was less attractive and obviously had been playing with himself a lot.

Would i go back again - honestly no.

i did exchange the following messages afterwards and i was honest in scoring myself...


Hi sexy , hope you got home safely and thank you for a lovely afternoon, hope you enjoyed I did xxxxx

yes i did get home safely and you are welcome.  glad you enjoyed it, and i think you know the answer regarding whether i enjoyed it!!  it is very very rare that i have any type of orgasm when i with someone, and i had more than one today!  i had to stop you as i thought i was going to pass out.
i know i wasn't at my best with everything but i am glad you enjoyed it. xx

Ohh thats so nice to hear and you dress so sexy i did really enjoy you xxxx hope we can meet again xxx

Well if that was not your best then i hope we meet  when you are but not sure I wont explode just
from seeing you , I thought WOW when you dropped your dress and i saw you in your sexy all I neary came then xxx

well i know that i can look better, and i think i could have been better in bed. but we ll have those days!

Tell me how you could have been better in bed then xx

Well for a start i should have had you inside me for longer. I loved the feeling of my knees around my ears as you pounded me. But i did feel quite tight. Also i could/should have given you more head.
I would rate myself as 6/10. Adequate but nothing special.

Ahhh well would have been nice to be inside you longer and you were definitely tight maybe a bit of
lube might have been useful, but I certainly wasnt dissapointed with your performance only hope mine was good enough xxx

you were fine

And so were you.

Hi hope your ok and had a good weekend i cant get you sexy cute arse out of my mind xxxx


Anonymous said...

Nice...sounds like you had a good time :)
hug, s

Anonymous said...

Susan- What a lovely post. You know, one thing i must have done badly as a guy going after women was not complimenting them quite enough like that... reading your post, i can see how effective it is! That, and maybe being in touch with my feminine side now. i had to laugh about having to put the purse down before sex...now that i've never done! ;) hug, sara

susanrhodes said...

Hi sara and thanks for the comment.
getting compliments from a man does make you feel more girly and that the effort was worth it. i have also just had a laugh at putting my purse down before sex. i did not realise how girly this sounded until you pointed it out, but us girls do love our purses!!