Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Where are all the sissys

Hi all,

just to prove i am still here i have written this post!!

i have been away for abit and popped in and out of blogging.

i have also popped in and out of yahoo groups.

Big question here to anyone who is still reading this - where have all the sissys gone?

i remember yahoo groups booming, but that seems a ghost town now, unless i am looking at / joining the wrong groups - if so which groups should i join?

Blogging seems to have gone the same way with many blogs just laying dormant (OK - i include myself in that one).  i know there are exceptions but you get my drift...

i have some interest in tumblr, but that is mainly just pictures / captions and no-one sharing real life experiences or training.

Where is everyone?  where should i start looking????

Thanks for any help



pansy_Faggotte said...

this sissy still reads posts on BlogSpot, but sadly, doesn't do its Blog anymore as no one seemed to comment or even read it anymore

YouLoveBeingGirly said...

A lot is going on in reddit ;)


susanrhodes said...

Thank you both for your comments.

Pansy - you obviously read this blog, so know how much update so i do agree.

Youlovebeinggirly - thank you for the links i have joined and subscribed.

i have been asked by a Master to start doing some training articles and maybe some other stuff for a yahoo group he runs (with my help) a few years ago we had quite a few members, but it died off when he got deleted.

when there is some content worth accessing (there is only 1 file at the moment)i will let you know.

Thanks again for the comments!!


YouLoveBeingGirly said...

Is this yahoo group private ?:P

susanrhodes said...

No it is not private, but i did want to have a decent amount of content in it before we invited others to join.
i didn't want the group to be just another dormant group.

you (and anyone else) are welcome to join


it is not up to the standard i want before inviting people yet, so please bare that in mind.