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Cuckold Pornstars

The following is a report i had to write after joining a Cuckold site for her and giving a review.
Hi Mistress
To complete my latest assignment for you, you asked for research into 3 of my favourite porn stars from the cuckold site.  i have also put in a small section about the scenes they are in and what i enjoyed watching.
Over all i think Flower Tucci was the most dominant and how i would want a cuckoldress to be.


katie kox

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Born December 17 1985 in Las Vegas
Birth Name  Amanda Savini
Height 5' 6¼" (1.68 m)

Katie Kox started in the adult film industry in 2009, while continuing to work as a stripper.  She eventually gave up stripping, however, and concentrated solely on her porn career.  While working in the film industry she met Deborah Richards, a porn director / producer and photographer who she married on 20th May 2010 but divorced in 2012 before Deborah came out as transgender.
Currently voted the 794th best porn actress in the world, her videos on Pornhub have been seen over 31 million times.
 She has a very large set of breasts, a cute and sultry face with blonde hair.  She is known in the industry for her ability to take any size and any length of cock in any of her holes.  She has done all types of genres in the world of adult entertainment including lesbian, anal and cuckold.
 Quote from Pornhub "The world of pornography has produced some pretty interesting genres, to say the least. What other medium helps you get off on the idea that your wife or girlfriend is going to cheat on you, right in front of you, with a big black dude packing some major ebony cockage? For Katie Kox, this is one of her specialities, otherwise known as the Cuckold genre. She’s made quite the name for herself by humiliating men and making them feel like their own pencil dicks aren’t worth the foreskin they’re wrapped in, compared to massive black dong."

I have watched Katie in Cuckold Fantasies 16 where she is seen having unsatisfying sex with her husband and complaining it is not good enough.  They both go to see a sex counsellor who suggests she lives out some fantasies of hers.  On returning home she talks her husband into chastity and then invites her black friend from the Gym into her bedroom.  Her friend obviously satisfies her in many different positions while the husband cleans her up and helps by holding her hair out of the way while sucking her friend off or by holding her legs apart.
When they have finished the go back to the counsellor to say what a success it has been, but the husband is not all too happy as he is now in permanent chastity with no sexual relief.


Amanda Blow

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Born November 30 1975 in Chicago, Illinois
Birth Name Christy Bach
Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Amanda used to host poker games and operate a hot dog cart during the days and evenings.  At night she began to work as a stripper dancing in Gentleman's clubs and that is where she met Nick Manning, a porn stud who encouraged her to pursue a career in the adult film industry.  She shot her first film in 2010 and has worked for sveeral studios since then.  She is still working in the adult industry as a MILF specialist and is shown in several films teaching younger girls how to suck cock and get their man off.
I came across Amanda in Cuckold Fantasies Volume 23 where her husband is a wimp and she needs more, so they go to visit Jayson, a big black sex therapist.  Amanda is excited about this and touches herself in the waiting room before Jayson quickly realises what she needs and he get s his cock out which Amanda cannot stop sucking and playing with.  Amanda and Jayson insist that to sort out the marriage, the husband must share the experience and he is invited to suck the black cock too.
 Amanda askes her husband to strip and they laugh at the comparison between the size of the cocks, so in revenge to her husbands small cock, she spanks him while he blows Jayson.   The therapist continues to have sex with Amanda while the husband watches on before he is forced to clean up.

Flower Tucci

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Born January 2, 1977 in Burbank, California
Birth Name Carole Elizabeth Molloy
Height 5' 6¼" (1.68 m)

Flower participated in beauty pageants as a young girl and even placed in the Top 10 in the Miss Teen LA competition. Flower worked as a cake decorator at a bakery prior to doing her first explicit hardcore scene with Lexington Steele.  She initially just used the name Flower, which was done in reference to the tattoo of flowers on a vine going down her spine. However, she eventually added the last name Tucci because everyone kept telling her she should have a last name.
 The sultry MILF with streaked blonde hair and a deviant smile is known in the industry for 2 specific talents, she is an anal queen and also is a big female ejaculator, once described as "enough to drench a whole studio".  In the past she has signed anal only exclusive contracts and is famous for "Flower's Squirt Shower" where she shows off her female ejaculation skills to the extreme
 Flower is ranked 933 on Pornhub with over 79 million views of her videos.

I saw Flower in Cuckold Fantasies volume 14 where she started by face sitting on her husband and doing some gym work before her personal trainer arrives.  They laugh and abuse her husband who is in chastity while they have sex above him and she squirts all over him  The husband is then further abused getting slapped, pushed and kicked around while Flower sucks and fucks her personal trainer.
 Flower later straps a dildo to her husbands face and has him try to have sex with her like that while she sucks off her hunky boyfriend.  At the end the husband has cleaned up 4 cream pies and is left to change the sheets that are soaked from all the squirting.
 There was also some funny out-takes at the end of the video where they are seen laughing and breaking character.

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