Monday, February 01, 2010

so that is january out of the way...  it is still very cold here in england, and i believe that this does have an effect on how girly i feel.  i love short skirts and flouncy summary dresses, but it is often too cold to put them on even in the house with the heating on!!

i just adore how long girls legs look in short skirts and how the skirts flare out over their shapely bums.

i have had compliments in the past about my legs, but how i wish that i had legs like the girl above!!

anyway, back to me!!!
continuing from my last post, i haven't really wanted to be girly since, however after a bit of steady surfing today, i am getting back into the mood.

last week i did manage to test out the "booty lube" that i had bought.  it was very different to using ky jelly and smelt very minty, which was a bit strange.  i did have a short go with my dildo, but it wasn't overly satisfying.  as i have said before, i just wasn't in the mood - it was more like a woman going throuogh the motions to satisfy her man, rather than me getting a good deal of satisfaction out of it.

but now i am looking towards tomorrow with a glint in my eye!!!

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