Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A whinge

i know this is a sissy blog, about my sissy self, but i need to get this off my chest (and i am not talking about breast forms!!)

global warming

it is freezing cold here in the north of england, if it isn't snowing, its freezing or raining or foggy etc etc.  i have had enough of this weather now.  it is dragging me down, it is killing all inclination to dress up + any other motivations i may have.  the heating is on nearly full at home, and still i often feel cold.

since they (by that i mean governments, hippys etc) announced global warming and its effects we have definately started to be affected by them.  They said that global warming would cause extremes of weather.  this is correct - in the north of england we have had extreme rain, extreme wind, extreme floods, extreme cold etc.

however, we have not had any extreme warmth or sun.  last summer was one of the worst on record for sunshine and temperatures.

so tell me again about global WARMING........

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