Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Planning a trip out

i am in the process of planning a trip out en femme -ish. i am TOTALLY horny and girly at the moment and i know that this will only get worse if i do not do anything about it (i.e.dress up)

the reason i am horny is that i haven't had a orgasm in 2 weeks now, and the next time i am likely to have one is on monday (its wednesday now). i had the chance yesterday, but decided for the best of my femaleness to forego the chance (i wore my chastity belt just in case and took the keys outside so i knew i couldn't cheat).

also, after reading my new favourite blog then i decided to take just a lettuce salad to work today. i wanted to add some "special" seasoning, but since i decided not to cum, then i am eating it dry. however for later i will save and freeze my cum, so the next time i have a salad like this i can have some "special" seasoning.

anyway, i digress

my trip out is to buy me some or all of the following that are on my current "wish list".

a white bra (and if possible matching panties) to wear to work

some hair remover (i have been shaving my chest and underarms, but i would like something longer lasting)

A smart skirt and top (or dress) – something a secretary would wear. I am thinking fitted pencil skirt and white blouse or maybe a grey fitted dress.

Maybe some cosmetics (a new lipstick, lip gloss, mascara etc)

my immediate problem is what to wear
i am thinking of wearing my back zip tight fitting black trousers, a black blouse and some 4" ankle boots with a block heel.  but should i wear a wig?  wearing a wig would be an attempt to pass which i probably won't do (too many masculine habits still), but without a wig i would be a man in girls clothes - more humiliation.

if possible i will ask to try on the dress etc, but if i bottle it or don't get chance i will return it the same day.  i am hoping that the assistants will see me as a sissy and let me try on the clothes.

any comments appreciated

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Johanna said...

love the idea, but it would be better practice to try passing - you should wear the wig!