Monday, September 06, 2010

a trip out to buy a bra for me!
today i have been into ann summers (uk equivalent of victoria secrets) to buy myself a new bra and panty set.

i was dressed in trousers, shirt and a tie.  i had a bag with me which had by breast forms in it.
the idea was to go in, wit until they ask if i wanted some help, then say i have a new boyfriend who wants me to dress up and i thought it would be nice to have some new white underwear on underneath. white because it is our first time together.  i was to tell her that my other bra was too big and didn't fit me an i was hoping that she would measure me (hence carrying the breast forms)

i played it through my head several times before i went.

it didn't quite pan out like that....
one of the shop assistants said Hi as i walked in, while the other was sorting out some racks at the back of the door.  after ages (about 3-4 mins) eventually the one by the door came over to ask if i needed some help.  she was tall, not that attractive, but not ugly either, dressed in black trousers and a simple black top.

i said i wanted a new bra
what size is she?
it may sound strange hearing this, but its for me
what style do you want
like this one (pointing to the only white one - a multiway bra)
we have a couple of others similar to that (quick tour round shop showing me other multiway bras)
i would prefer white
what size
i have worn one before, but it was really big and i want one that is my size.  the last one i wore was 44DD and was very big
this range only goes up to 38D
38 should fit me don't you think?
as long as you leave these tickets on, you can always bring it back. (realisation that i am not getting measured)
i don't want anything too big, maybe a B cup (she gets out a 38B) little pause. i want some pants to go with it are these the ones (pointing to rack)
those are the panties, this is the string that matches.
i'll take the panties size 12 (get panties myself)

go and pay....

i don't think she was "into" it like the stories (maybe fantasies) that i have read elsewhere.  everything was just a business transaction, all professional etc.

me - i was bright red, but surprisingly not turned on at all.

so i have ended up with a multi way bra, (sort of like a T-shirt bra style with moulded cups and a diamante in the middle) which i have never had, so it may come in useful....???

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Johanna said...

Sometimes I wonder how much the "stories" are fact or fiction. I have seen most times I go look at stuff, people are pretty professional. Sales makes it that way, you don't even know some of the stuff you have to deal with working in a pharmacy. I think that is why it is fun if you can get a girl to go with you, they would usually be more willing to share their emotion of the situation with you, and not so much professionalism. I think if my gf/mistress didn't participate, it would not be anywhere near as fun -