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sissystation lucky dip 1

Hi all,

in a bit of a break from what i have been doing  and to celebrate the fact that susanthesissy is still here (thaks for the panic google), i have decided to post the following (split over 3 parts).
for those who cannot remember, the sissystation was a sissy website with assignments etc dealing with step by step feminisation.  The sissystation guide is available on many websites, so i do not intend to post that here, but what i will post is another area of the sissystation that was called "lucky dips".

this was an area of lucky dip stand alone assignments to help with your femininity. you clicked on random buttons and you would get one of the following.  i don't have the knowledge to build a randomiser etc, but i do have all of the posts, so see the below.  what i don't have is the pictures that went with them, so i have added a few that i thought was appropriate

It is a bit wordy, but the content is good.  As a side issue - i did actually help to write some of these!!!

1                    Every time you meet or greet a man, whether they are a friend or a stranger, look at his cock. Study the bulge in his trousers. Try to imagine what his cock and balls look like, like a woman would do. Imagine getting on your knees and giving him a blowjob, or bending over and having his hardness pump in and out of your boypussy.
Imagine how his cock tastes and how his cum will feel in your mouth or boypussy.

2          You need to work harder on your deportment. A real woman will instinctively smooth her skirt under her bottom before she sits. This ensures -
a) Her skirt does not get wrinkled
b) As much material as possible hides her panties from view.
From now on, you will always perform that feminine sweep under your bottom before sitting, no matter what the situation. Put on a skirt and start practicing until it becomes second nature. Remember, you are to do this every time you sit, even if you are pretending to be a man and wearing trousers.

3          You need to work harder on your deportment. Have you noticed how some women eat in public? Adolescents and young women do it most and you are going to copy them. What am I talking about? Covering your mouth while you eat. Use the back of your hand with your palm out and a limp wrist. Practise in front of a mirror. Doesn't it make you look sissyish, shy, and girly? You will always eat like this, at home or in public, in company or alone.

4          You need to work on your deportment. Have you noticed how women carry their arms when they walk? A woman's arms have a greater 'carry angle' than those of a man or a sissy. This means that the elbows are more tucked in and the lower arm points away from the body. You can mimic this by turning your arms slightly outward, so that your palms face forwards more, tucking your elbows in. See how it makes you swing your arms in a more sissyish manner. Do it today, sissy. Do it everywhere until it feels natural to carry your arms like woman.

5          Starting on Monday, you will apply lipstick for your journey to work. I hope you don't have to use public transport, sissy. If you drive, adjust your rear view mirror so you can see yourself draw a bright red mouth on your face. Let all the other faceless commuters see your painted face. When you get to work, you may remove the lipstick with a tissue or hanky, but you must NOT look in the mirror to see if you have removed all the lipstick. By the end of the week you will be feeling more daring and will be less careful about removing it. Your female colleagues are bound to notice then. But that's what you want, isn't it, sissy?

6          Buy three sets of lingerie - bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings - one set in red (or pink) one in black and one in white. Remember, you are investing in your femininity, so buy quality items, not thrift store rubbish. You will also need a pack of cards. Before you dress for work each morning, draw a card from the pack to determine what colour lingerie to wear under your work clothes. If it's a picture card, you must wear white; if it's red, red or black, black. Go to work with the chosen set of lingerie on under your suit (or whatever). Carry the other two sets and the pack of cards in your briefcase (or whatever - improvise). At lunchtime, draw another card. If you're not already wearing the right colour you must change. Before you go home, draw another card.
You could expand this game to draw cards for individual items of lingerie, or even make up... whatever you fancy. Go on - gamble!

7          You need to work on your deportment, sissy. What is the most guarded part of a woman's body?
Her pussy.
A woman will protect her pussy and panties from view at all times (at least, in public!). She is most vulnerable when seated, so she keeps her knees together at all times. You will have noticed this, won't you sissy? You want to copy the actions of a real woman because deep inside you want to be a woman, don't you?
From now on, you will keep your knees together like a girl. If you don't cross your legs, keep your thighs gently pressed together. It may help to spread your feet and turn your toes inwards. This looks very sexy on a woman - maybe less so on a man. But then, you're not a man are you, sissy?
If you cross your legs, imagine you're wearing a short skirt and your panties will be exposed unless you're very careful. Keep your thighs together as you cross your legs. Notice how sexy this looks. If you are practicing en femme, enjoy the thrill of the rasp of nylon as your panty hosed thighs slide over each other.
NEVER rest one ankle on the opposite knee.
Clasp your hands together gently in your lap, or gently hold your upper knee. When you're wearing a skirt, this allows you to casually stroke your shin and feel that nylon on your smooth legs.
This is how you will behave from now on.

8          Do you like the risk of public exposure? Of course you do - that's why you're here. If you have weather warm enough to wear (male) sandals, you will do this. If you don't have a pair of sandals (Velcro-strap sports sandals are cheap and acceptable) go buy a pair. You will also need to buy a pair of nude pantyhose, if you don't have any. I bet you've got a selection, though, haven't you, sissy girl? Make sure they're 'sandal toe' - at least for the first time...
Dress as 'male' as you wish but wear your nude pantyhose and sandals. Now go shopping. If you can't think what to buy (what kind of pathetic sissy are you?), why not do your grocery shopping?
Once outside the safety of your house, you'll notice how easily you can see you're wearing hose - the bright sunlight makes a big difference. But that only makes it more exciting, doesn't it, sissy? From a distance, though, disinterested passers-by won't notice.
When you get braver, try wearing smoky shades or reinforced toe styles. If you're really going for it, paint your toenails bright red then go shopping for nail polish remover.

9          This isn't for beginners, but I bet you'll masturbate over it, you dirty slut. Book a week's holiday. If you don't have a reasonable female wardrobe, make sure your holiday is far enough away for you to stock your wardrobe.
You'll need it.
For a whole week, you're going to dress entirely as a woman. You will hire somewhere for the week - a cottage, villa or whatever. Nobody will know you, so you're bound to feel braver about dressing up around the house and maybe going out.
You will pack a case with women's clothes and women's clothes ONLY. Skirts, tops and dresses only (for outerwear). No trousers. Not even the sissiest pair of floral, pink, Capri pants. None. Pack all the lingerie, hosiery, shoes, jewellery and make up you own. You will travel en femme, too. Remember; no trousers! If you fear being seen in your neighbourhood, set off under cover of darkness, but they're going to find out sooner or later.
For a week, you will wear full lingerie, hosiery, skirts, high heels, full make up, perfume, jewellery, coloured nail polish. Regardless of where you go and what the weather is like. You will sleep in a baby doll, panties and pantyhose. The only times you may wear less are to sunbathe (when you may wear a bikini), shower or bathe.
There are no exceptions. You may masturbate freely, but you may only cum at the end of the final day. Are you up to the task? You know you want to. Treat yourself, sissy. You need a holiday. Do it.

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Ah, those were the glory days. I remember when I discovered The Sissy Station. So new and exciting.

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