Monday, March 16, 2015

sissystation lucky dip 2

10        This task involves a shopping trip and a subtle change in your appearance.
Go to the hosiery section of a department store and buy three pairs of black, fishnet tights. How often do you think anyone (male or female) buys this many?
When you go to pay, the assistant will know you are a kinky, perverted sissy who is going to wear fishnets like a cheap tart.
And she (let's hope it's a woman) would be right.
Be sure to ask if they offer a loyalty card - some stores have a 'hosiery card' for frequent pantyhose shoppers. Make sure you sign up, sissy girl.
You are going to wear your black fishnets under your male clothes for the next two weeks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No exceptions. You are NOT to wear socks. It is easy to hide your mesh ankles when standing, but sitting will be impossible. With a little stretch of the imagination, sheer (or semi-sheer) hose could be passed off as expensive, sheer, silk socks, but fishnets? They're obvious from yards away. I hope you don't have to sit facing anyone at work!
Change into a fresh pair each night and morning and hand wash the dirty ones, ready for next time. Enjoy the sensation of fishnet under trousers; this is something few women ever get to experience. If you own a skirt, wear it at home for a more realistic experience of fishnets - the shorter the skirt the better!

11        Time for a shopping excursion, sissy.
You will be shopping for a bra, so if you don't know your bra size you will need to measure yourself.
Measure around your chest below where your breasts would sit if you had any (or just below them if you've got some!). This is your bust size. In the UK and USA this is in inches and bras are available in even numbers only. Your cup size is a letter (A, B, C, D, etc.) representing the size of your breasts. This is calculated by measuring around your chest at nipple height and subtracting your bust size, but unless you are carrying too much weight you will only be an AA, A or possibly B cup. 5" difference is an A. Your bra size is then given as 34AA, 36B, 38D, etc.
You are to buy two sports bras in your size. A sports bra is unlike an ordinary bra in that it is designed to firmly control a pair of bouncing breasts in vigorous activity. A sports bra looks a little like a short, cut-down, tight vest. You are to wear your new bras continually under your male clothes from now on. You can probably pass them off as a vest - from the front. You will only remove them to bathe, swap for a clean bra or change into a proper, under wired bra. Do you think you can manage that, sissy? How many consecutive days will you manage?

12        Go to a bookstore and browse the beauty books. Don't just look at the spines on the shelf, take each one down and flick through it. Which one would be most useful for you, as a 'girl in training'? Buy the one you choose.
What do you think the cashier will be thinking when you take a beauty book to the checkout? It could be a present for someone, but it isn't is it? If they offer to wrap it as a gift, tell the truth.

13        Today you're going to masturbate.
No doubt you do this a lot anyway, you dirty slut.
Masturbate, but don't cum for at least an hour. Bring yourself to the edge, but do NOT cum. While you play with your little boyclit, imagine this is the last orgasm you are allowed before being locked in permanent chastity. You want it to be good, don't you? Savour it. Stroke that pathetic little weenie as if you can never touch it again. Taste all the sticky pre-cum you produce. Convince yourself that, when you finally cum, you will drink it all down, just to know what it's like, because you won't get another chance.
You want to make this a memorable orgasm, don't you? Take a break from wanking and tie up your sissyballs. Pull them down together and wrap a stocking or a shoelace round the sac above them to keep them stretched. Make it tight. Make it painful. It hurts, but you feel even more horny. It will be harder still not to cum.
Wouldn't it be better still with some lubrication? Use some KY or baby oil or butter (improvise!) to lube your cock and wanking hand. Does that feel good, sissygirl?
Now your hand is nicely oiled, finger your sissy pussy with some more lube. Slowly ease one finger inside and fuck yourself, gradually building the rhythm. Then add a second finger, then a third. Use your free hand to beat the same rhythm on your boyclit.
Bring yourself to the edge, then recite these words out loud -
"I wish could feel a real cock inside me. I wish I had a real pussy instead of this pathetic, ugly cock. I will never be a real man. I wish I was a woman but I will only ever be a sissy. I promise to be more feminine in my thoughts, actions and appearance from this day forth. I will drink my cum to seal my pledge."

Now you may cum, but you WILL drink it. All of it. Savour it. Roll it round in your mouth like a fine wine, like you always fantasised a slutty girlfriend would do when you came in her mouth. Then do what you've promised.
You must recite these words every time you play with yourself. Or stop wanking. You know which you will choose...

14        If you work with female colleagues or have some female friends then this task is for you.
Choose a colleague who is wearing make up. If that gives you a choice, choose the look you most admire. Engage the person in polite conversation. Study her make up. She may or may not notice you staring. At some point in the conversation, you must compliment her on her make up. This is something a real man would never do, but then you aren't a real man, are you, sissy?
Suitable statements might be -
"I like how you've done your eyes"
or "that colour lipstick really suits you".
You could precede this with
"I couldn't help noticing"
or "you look great"
but you need to be very careful to not sound like you're hitting on them. You should try to make it sound like the sort of compliment a woman would pass. You're dying to talk to a woman about make up & clothes, like girlfriends together, aren't you, sissy? This could be a start.
If you get treated warmly, continue. Give her the impression you are interested in women's clothes and make up. Hardly acting is it, sissy? There isn't a day goes by you don't look at a woman and imagine yourself wearing something she has on. Comment on her hosiery or shoes - many women get obsessed with shoes and would love a man to notice what they're wearing. Or -
"That skirt (blouse) is lovely. Where did you get it?" is an interesting question to ask a woman. Just beware of sounding like you are eyeing them as a potential partner (unless you want that!) - you are purely aiming for a 'woman to woman' conversation about your lifelong obsession.
See where it leads, sissy. That is your challenge.

15 Take the following quiz.
Fancy dress parties, college initiations and theatrical experiences do NOT count.
Score –
0 for 'never done this'
1 for 'would like to do this one day'
2 for 'done this in private'
3 for 'done this in public' (if this option is possible)
4 for 'currently doing this' (if this option is possible)
5 for 'done this all day today' (if possible)
1 I have worn panties
2 I have worn pantyhose
3 I have worn a bra
4 I have worn lipstick
5 I have worn mascara
6 I have worn eye pencil and/or eye shadow
7 I have worn foundation
8 I have worn a dress or skirt
9 I have worn high heels
10 I have worn coloured nail polish on my toes
11 I have grown my fingernails very long or I have worn false nails
12 I have worn coloured nail polish on my fingers
13 I have shaved or waxed my legs
14 I have shaved or waxed my underarms
15 I have shaved or waxed my pubic hair
16 I have worn a feminine wig or styled my own hair femininely
17 I have worn perfume
18 I have worn feminine jewellery (ear-rings, bracelets, necklace, watch, etc.)
19 I have sucked a dildo
20 I have drunk my own cum
21 I have sucked a real cock
22 I have had a facial, manicure, pedicure or other beauty treatment at a salon
23 I have slept in a baby doll, hosiery and heels
24 I have done housework in a maid's uniform
25 I have spent the whole day dressed as a woman
What was your score?
0-25 - my, my, you have a long way to go don't you? Either you've come here by mistake or you are a very timid sissy. Go and start the Sissy Station Assignments NOW!
26-50 - well, at least you have actually had one or two sissy experiences. Still room to immerse yourself deeper in femininity, though, isn't there? Why not do something humiliating today? You know you want to, sissy.
51-75 - well done, you are experimenting with your sissy-self in public. But there's still a long way to go until you're a full-time sissygirl. Why aren't you doing more of those sexy, feminine things right now? Go and dress, paint your nails, put full make up on and suck a dildo. NOW.
76-100 - an excellent score for a budding sissy. Are you willing to put in that extra effort to dress as a woman all the time? Finish all the Sissy Station Assignments.
101+ - congratulations, you are an accomplished sissy. I bet you struggle to pass as a man - but then you never were a man, were you, sissy?

16        This task is an expedition. No shopping necessary, although you may choose to buy something...
You are to go to a department store, one with lots of beauty counters in the foyer. Circulate. Look at the immaculate, heavy make up of all the beautiful assistants. It's their job to sell beauty and they have to wear heavy make up every day. A perfect job for a sissy, isn't it?
Choose the most attractive assistant. Be bold. Remember, she is a professional sales person and you are a potential customer. You have two choices.
Either - tell her you are interested in a job like hers and ask if there are any openings on any of the make up counters. Tell her you are willing to wear a uniform like hers (she will almost certainly be wearing a smart suit or a white uniform).
Or - ask her advice on cosmetics for someone with your skin type and colouring. If she engages, ask if she would be willing to demonstrate some of the products on you.

17             Shopping time, sissy.
You're going to buy a pretty top for yourself. You are to buy a halter neck top.
You know the type I mean. No sleeves, no shoulders, held up only by a strap passing round your neck that just covers your breasts (if you're a real girl) and leaves the top half of your back completely exposed. Very sexy, very summery (or clubby) and very feminine.
Choose a pretty one; maybe a nice pastel pink would suit you, sissy. You should try it on - after all, you want it to fit and you are an odd shape for a girl, what with your flat chest. You will only be able to wear a strapless bra underneath and they tend to fall down so are best avoided. So, unless you have some adhesive breast forms or real breasts, you will have to go flat-chested under your new top. Hence, you are an odd shape for a girl.
The first time you try it on, you'll notice how unsightly your underarm hair looks. Now would be a good time to shave, sissy. Get used to feminine armpits! Treat yourself to a nice, flowery deodorant, too. Might as well shave your chest, if you have hair, even if it's covered by the top. Wouldn't want to spoil the experience, would you, sissy?
Wear your halter-neck top in public. You will NOT cover it with anything else. See what response you get - you may be surprised. Let me know how you get on, won't you?

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