Thursday, October 06, 2011

7th September

as you can guess, i have received nothing.  no phone calls, no text messages and no emails.

i might as well tell this guy to go get fucked, but that is what i wanted - to get fucked!!!

i would blow him out but.....(you get the point!!)

i could not get much (read any) sex when i was younger.  i thought that as a boy, all the girls were either saving themselves, not bothered with me or getting it by some hungry young stud.  i was on the outer.

i have always thought that if i was a "real" girl, i could just about have sex anytime i wanted as there is always a horny man around.  however, now i am a girl (in my mind and dress) and i know i have a limited amount of men to choose / allow to have sex, it would be easy because i believe all men went sex.  whether that be with a woman, man or a sissy, men still want to have sex.

so here i am, a man approaches me wanting sex, i say yes lets get it on, and then nothing.  surely it can't be me that is at fault.  he has seen photos of me and was still asking me for sex.


this morning i took the matter into my own hands (and ass)  i was so horny i just couldn't wait any longer.

i did not have a lot of time, so i quickly stripped off, got my dildo and after a quick bit of lube, slid my medium butt plug in my ass.  after a second, it went in quite easily and i then started to suck on my dildo a little.  after less than a minute i realised that what i wanted was my dildo in my ass, not my mouth.

i was not sure that i could easily take my dildo, so without any lube (except my saliva) i sat down on it, and it slipped straight in.  i gasped and couldn't beleieve how easy it went in.  it seems i was so horny, my ass was opening up waiting to be filled!!

i rode the dildo for a while and i think if i had more time i would have been able to cum without pulling at myself, but time was short and so i pulled myself t othe same rhythm that i bounced on my dildo.  result - a big orgasm (not earth shattering, not all body, but big)

when i calmed down, my only thought was - "that is what you have missed out on mister..."


Josie T-girl said...

Nice! I've never tried that way, somehow a man always presented himself at just the right moment. But some dry spells do occur. Need to buy me one, shaped like a BBC for me. Thanks for sharing your story and implanting a 'new' idea in my head.

Anonymous said...

hi honey,
where in uk are you based?
jen x

Anonymous said...

do you ever come south?

susanrhodes said...

unfortunately i never seem to come south - more left and right!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your bad bf moments...