Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Part 1

so this is how it all started.....(the man i am talking to is a bit of a TV himself, but he did say that he would be a man for me, as you will see..)

how are you tonight x

i am very well thank you. hope you are well too.
isn't the feel of panties nad stockings just the best!!

yes love it. encased in pretty lingerie

i love the feeling of pulling up a pair of tights or stockings and how my clothes feel against them

me too. though i am not convincing. happy to be a man 4 u

i would say that i am not that convincing either (see my profile pic)

looks good 2 me

thanks, a girl likes to hear compliments!
what is your favourite look on a girl?

classy but sexy

one of my favourites is the sexy secretary, stockings, tight short skirt, white blouse, heels

could you play my younger wife

if it is a sexless marriage, then no!!
otherwise i am sure i could be your wife, but i think i would be sexier than a normal wife

not a sexless marriage. want you 2 be my wife and sex-toy

wouldn't have much time for cooking and cleaning!

no def not and no nagging either

you might go hungry though - i could have something to eat!!

do tell

i would consider part of my duties as your wife to make sure you were happy, and i can think of something that i would like to get my mouth around

thats what i want a dutiful wife

so when can we "get married" ?
i am free tomorrow during the day and can travel but can't accomodate

afternoon at 2ish wife

sounds fine ( a bit earlier would be better and give us (me) more time) but i can make 2pm work

will message you in the morning then with my address

excellant - feeling giddy now.

if you have anything particular that you would like me to wear then just let me know.
i suppose this is now my hen night!!
have you any more pics

i only have one saved on here.

can i see yours? (sent along a picture of me in a miniskirt adjusting my suspenders)
mine are in tights suppose so. just wear sexy undies future wife

ok. i can prob sort some out for early in the morning if you want some more pics.

dont matter i will see you in the flesh anyway

i am going to bed now, hopefully see you sometime tomorrow.


one more thing u bring the condoms. i will get carried away and forget

ok, i will ( i assume you are ok with the safe sex oral and anal etc as my profile)

must remember to get some flavoured ones

if thats what you want. dont mind sucking you without a condom though

i would prefer it my cock stays in my panties, so i can focus all my attention to you

ok no problem wife

thanks, i don't want any misunderstandings to ruin our wedding night.


I went to bed then, didn't sleep well!! but the next morning i noticed i had recieved this message and then i responded..

ok understood. i forgot that bit dont nag me wife

ok no more nagging. can't wait to see you today, lover


As you can see, i tried to be flirty, fitting my life around my "husbands".  not sure if i carried it off

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