Friday, January 06, 2012

Part 4 - The final chapter???

after logging off the site, i was despondant.  having gone to all that trouble i had just about wasted a full day, turned down several offers (about 15 or so!!), and had refrained from touching myself.

on a positive note though, i had spent the day as a girl and done only girly things which illustrated what i already knew - it takes a lot of time to be a girl!!

however as i only had the house to myself for another hour or so, i decided to put on some makeup and take a couple of photos of how i was dressed.  my initial plan was i will show him what he has just missed out on  (for the uk people - i call it a bullseye moment - lets look what you could have had!!)

after the photos i watched some porn and decided to bring myself to orgasm, which i did, but it was a little different.  i was sort of semi-hard, not hard-hard, and when i did cum i felt like i was pumping loads into a glass but when i looked i only found a very small amount.  i even felt around the floor as i thought i must have missed the glass, but nothing.  i had not cum for over 5 days and i am by no means a  "heavy cummer" but there literally about 4 drops of cum.  very strange. (the next day i masturbated and cum as normal).  maybe the girl in me had taken over!

here are the photos....

if you have read this far, then you will probably have either nothing better to do or were in some interested in what i had to say, so any comments would be appreciated.......

should i send one of these photos to him?
should i give him another chance?
should i just forget him?
should i just stop trying to arange some sissy sex for myself?

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Happy pet said...

Hi Susan,

Great photos and sorry it didn't work out, maybe go for someone without any other attachments/sisters next time? It may be he was genuine but if you've not heard back since then maybe not. Still his loss and sure you'll find another - sounds like you weren't short of offers that day!