Thursday, January 05, 2012

part 3 - the dressing / afternoon

continuing on from the morning i ate some lunch (just an apple and a slice of toast), hopefully to top up my energy.

i was getting very excited, but surprisingly remained "soft" throughout.  i don't think i got an erection all day.  i was very busy and time was going very fast.

having tried on my lingerie earlier, it was time to start getting dressed for the big date.  i was going to go for a simple bra and stockings, but decided since this was supposed to be our wedding night i would go for a pink and black basque, black lace top stockings and a black thong with pink trimmings.  i got the basque in a sale at ann summers (£8) and it was a bargain, just didn't have the occasion to wear it until now.

i intended to wear a simple black pleated miniskirt and a black blouse that is just like a mans shirt, but cut differently if you know what i mean, with 4" black heels.

i wanted to go for the demure, classy look, but then take it off to reveal a sex bombshell underneath.

i have a couple of photos that i will add onto the next post

time continued to tick away, without any further contact. it got to about 1.30pm and i decided that i should just set off in the general direction and then satnav my way once my husband got back to me.  i assumed he was waiting for his "sister (wife)" to leave at 2.00pm and then he would message me.

during this time i was still fending off other admirers

then at the last minute (1.55pm) i got the following message.....

sorry baby change of plan. son and his wife just turned up

at least i hadn't set off.......

it wasn't unexpected, as for the last hour or so i could just feel that it was going to go wrong.  but i was disappointed and a little mad as i maybe could have taken up one of the other offers.

we exchanged a few more messages as follows.

will they be staying long??

till sister gets home at 4-30. sorry my darling wife. dont be angry

i am just absolutely gutted, YOU would have had such a good time.

i am gutted too darling. was looking forward to our honeymoon xxxxxxxx

i am just about to get myself off using my dildo. REALLY wanted it to be you though

sorry babe, can we arrange again. what about hotel fun then no interuptions?

definately - i can set off now!!! - if you want
i will have to see what work brings tomorrow, and it wil have to be a monday or tuesday night though

cant now family here. monday or tuesday would be ideal

pity, today is the best day for me, i could have met you somewhere about 4.30-5

i will have to check with work next work, as i often work nights.
any evening will be good for me

ok i will have to see how it goes in the next week or so

you still have a loving husband darling

and that was the last message between us.
maybe it was genuine?

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