Thursday, January 05, 2012

part 2 - the morning

i was in major, major sissy mode....
i didn't sleep very well, due to all of the excitement.  i got up at about 7.30am and started to plan the day ahead.  i was not meeting my husband until 2.00pm, although i would have to leave at about 1.00pm to make sure i got there in time.

first things first - breakfast - need the food for energy.  dressed in bra, panties and a dress with some flat shoes i went downstairs and had breakfast.  after breakfast i went to the toilet and then gave myself an enema (used a large syringe and warm water) to flush and clean myself out.  repeated this a few times over the next hour or so.

while having breakfast i watched some youtube videos on make-up and answered a few messages.  i had logged on to the website (  if anyone is interested - i am not promoting it or slagging it off, my experience remains "neutral")  i got several offers which was a boost to my confidence (i had uploaded a picture and everyone said i looked nice etc) all of who wanted to meet that day or in the near future.  none particularly stood out, but by the end of the morning i had literally got fed up with saying no to people (okay i know that having admirers is not a bad thing, but i was waiting for messages from my husband)

i did respond to a fellow TV and we had a girly chat, and became friends.

my husband did log on and our initial exchange is as below.

morning susan

good morning hubby

how are you today

very well, how are you?

horny for my wife

desperate for my husband!!

thinking lots of dirty things about you

such as?

what you will be doing to me. i assume you have something that you can bend me over....

yes the kitchen sink or the washing machine


are we still on for today then?

after 2 hopefully.. while you are here may get you doing some housework. maybe hand wash my other wifes knickers i know you are going to take advantage of me (thats why i am coming!!)

cleaning/handwashing no problem, i am your wife after all and i will do ANYTHING you ask

chores will come later in our marriage. as far as i am concerned the woman i live with is now my sister. you will take her place as my wife. you will bring the condoms too dont want to get you pregnant yet

i have already got the condoms, and i am getting my handbag together as we speak. i don't mind if there are chores to do today, as long as there is time. don't want to distract from our wedding night

tell your sister that she can maid of honour!! lol

i will keep checking back.

i planned to spend the morning trying on clothes and doing my makeup so i could look my best.  i really wanted to nail the makeup, as i didn't want to waste too much time putting it on when i got there.  so inbetween the messages, i attached my silicone breasts to my chest and in bra and panties practiced putting on my makeup, different styles etc.

time soon passed and i recieved the following message from my husband at about 10.45am

good message you soon, sister just came in

i responded with...

tell your sister that she can maid of honour!! lol 

i will keep checking back.

my idea was to be completely dressed in my lingerie, with just a jumper and trousers over the top.  i could then quickly do my makeup, pop on a skirt and blouse, add wig, instant sissy!!

time passed on and i had heard nothing so i sent a message to remind him, i just know how men can be so forgetful

as your sister left yet?

don't forget i am about 45mins drive away!!

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