Friday, September 09, 2011

2nd august 2011

11am - still no news from my boyfriend.  he must have dumped me.  how long do i leave it before i call it a day and move on.  my second admirer has been in touch this morning, he is keen.

my second admirer, now upgraded to PBF (potential boyfriend) is trying to arrange a time when we can meet.  he is married, so i am going to be the other woman.  this excites me, but part of me thinks if he is cheating on her, will he cheat on me??  better save these thoughts until we actually get together.

told my PBF to pencil in 16th august.  this will be the day that susan goes back to school!!!  hope he teaches me a few lessons

been looking on where to put my hands, i have decided that i will put my arms around his neck and draw him into me.  that way i can play with his hair, stroke his neck etc.  if he responds favourably, then i might go onto my tiptoes for him (he is taller than me, even in my 4" heels).  new problem now is what to do if he grabs my ass.  shoudl i let him grope away, or should i act a bit shy to start with and coyly move his hand away.

he knows i am going to put out for him, but i am going insane waiting for him to get in touch.  going to take the initiative and "wink" at him!!

3.30pm i have been checking my email every 20minutes today, and since early this morning, neither my BF or PBF have been in touch.  it sucks been a girl wanting some action.

9.30pm still no-one been in touch.  very fed up now.  off to bed


Anonymous said...

Good luck!
I like your idea of going on tiptoes! I think you should let him put hands on your butt, but not grope yet!

Anonymous said...

sounds like good fun..
keep us updated x