Thursday, September 22, 2011

3rd September

got a reply, well 2 actually!!!

first was

"Ive not met any sissies b4-I want to enjoy kissing,being sucked and fucking my 1st sissy.

I can send you a pic if you want.

What experience have you got as a sissy?"

second was "whats your phone number, can we chat, let me know when"

these were receieved at 1.15pm, and as i was on the computer at 1.30.

i quickly replied with my number and anytime between now and 5.  i also said that i had been to a tv club, sucked dildo's etc, but not been with a man.  i also said added the following "the most important things for me if we meet are safe sex and been treated like a girl. you WILL get into my knickers but i want a bit of foreplay first."  i thought that would excite him a little.

about 20mins later my mobile rang, just once.  i did not recognise the number, so i hoped that if it was him, that he would ring back, but he didn't.  i saved the number just in case.

5.00pm no more phone calls.


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