Friday, September 30, 2011

5th september 2011

bad news, got a phone call at 5.00am that my father had been rushed into hospital.

sent my bf an email saying sorry, but due to the above i couldn't do tuesday night, too much on my mind.

good news - by 4.00pm my dad was out and it was just a scare.

managed to get my head sorted, then sent this email
"Hi (again)

things have got sorted out a lot quicker than i had imagined, and i could do tomorrow (tuesday) night if you want to meet up.
please let me know if you want to asap. i do need to know before 4.30 tomorrow though.
i check my emails all day, or you can ring or text me anytime between 7.15 and 4.30.
if you are a bit unsure as to meeting me, i could just come over and chat etc, its up to you.
as i have said before, could you please let me know asap so i can plan other things in.
sorry for messing you about a bit. i will make it up to you ;-)
susan xx"

hope he rings or emails me.


Anonymous said...

hi honey, where in the UK are you based? drop me an email if you near London xx

susanrhodes said...

Hi Jenny

i am from West Yorkshire, so a bit away. thanks for the comments though!! xx

Anonymous said...

thats cool, always up for a bit of away day fun.... are you ....