Monday, September 19, 2011

2nd September

not feeling very girly for a few days i had ignored an email received from ex-boyfriend who claims he was trying to contact me for a meet.  i had given up on him and to be honest lost all of the thrill of a meet.  i havn't had an orgasm since the friday after the last email, but i have just not felt girly.

however i have felt a bit more girly over the past few days and decided to reply.

his email said "Hi,Ive been trying to phone to arrange our meet but cant get through. Can you reply? x"

i wasn't going to bother, but i am probably feeling up to it again after cheering myself up with a bit of retail therapy.

however i wasn't going to let him get away with bailing on me earlier, so i returned the following email

"Hi Sir

i have been away for a couple of weeks and just got back to check my emails.
i may be able to meet next tuesday, but i cannot confirm until monday dinner.
whilst writing, may i ask you a couple of questions...
How many men / sissys have you been with?
what was your favourite part (kissing? receiveing a blow job? having sex?)
Do you have any pictures?
susan xx"

i hope that will either shame him into meeting with me, or put him off completely!!

i will wait and see

4.50pm no answer yet....

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