Tuesday, September 06, 2011

sunday 31st july 2011
its dinnertime now and i still haven't had a reply.  it looks like he doesn't want me.  i was starting to think about him and referring to him as my boyfriend, but now nothing- i have been dumped before we even met

YAY - checked again at 5.00pm and my boyfriend has got back to me.  he says he likes the photos, especially the ones of me in stockings and suspenders - a typical man, doesn't notice the effort i went to in the other photos, but likes to see me in my underwear the best.  do men only think of one thing?

5.30pm - got another email asking if it was ok if he didn't wear a condom for oral sex, he wants me to swallow it all.  i am not sure about this.

8.00pm - done some research, and you can catch STD's etc from oral sex.  as its my first time i don't want to be worrying about this, i want to enjoy myself!!

decided to send email back to boyfriend telling him i want to see a condom if his cock is going into my mouth.  told him that it is to protect us both.  also told him i will wear stockings and suspenders for him, and that i want him to be in charge.

getting giddy about this now, hope he replies soon.

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