Thursday, September 01, 2011

some good news, then some bad news, then some good news

ok what am i talking about???

i was working late last night at an asda away from home.  the people i went to see were somewhere in the store, so i thought i would have a look around before contacting them (the store was open 24hrs).

i headed straight for the womens clothing section, and as it was quiet had a good browse about.  after about 10 minutes i walked into the store, then decided to go back and buy myself a skirt i had seen.

The skirt was a black pleasted mini and they had my size - for £9.  i also noticed that they had some flat pumps with a bow on front in my size - £6.  i went and bought them both, using the self-scan checkout.

i wanted the flats so i could dress girly and be able to drive (note - if you have never tried driving in 4" heels, then my advice, for safety reasons, is don't - if you have, then you will know what i mean)  so these flats were ideal.

all good news so far...

went to work, did what i had to do and 1 hour later was on my way home.  i decided to change into my skirt and shoes for the journey home.  the shoes fit perfectly, but (and the bad news) the skirt is too big for me.  i was a bit upset as i couldn't return it because i had just cut off all the tickets so i could wear it!!

after i put my trousers back on, i realised that this was actually good news.  it looks like i have dropped a skirt size.  Yay.

as a side issue, i got called back to the store about 15mins later, and i had a look but they didn't have my (new) size.

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Charmane said...

Dropped a skirt size? I should be so lucky! :)