Saturday, September 10, 2011

3rd august 2011

after a restless nights sleep trying to figure out why no-one wants me (am i too forward, not forward enough, am i not offering what they want, should i get some bigger boobs? etc) i woke up and checked my emails to no messages, again :(

9.00am work tonight got cancelled so i have decided to take the bull by the horn and contact my PBF to see if he can accomodate me.  i have all of my clothes in the car ready for him.  he is usually online now so i expect an answer by return.

10.00am got to go out for a few hours, no response from my PBF.  i cannot even give my ass away!!!

10.10am Yay!!! got response from my PBF!!! - he says he cannot do tonight.  felt a bit gutted, and i told him that i was very horny and wanted to dress and have sex with him asap.  he says he feels the same way.  just got to get his wife out of the way!!

had a little girly adventure today, but i have posted about that earlier!!

3.00pm had to go out, but got back and decided to email my BF and tell him he can have me tonight if he wants me, but has to let me know by 4.30pm.  sent longish sexy email, i am sure if he gets the email in time, i will be there tonight!!!

4.30pm yes you guessed it - nothing. i will only give him until friday.  if he doesn't get in touch by then, then i must move on.

8.00pm my BF emailed me at 7.30pm saying he had just got my message and he supposed it was too late.  if only he had checked his emails earlier i would be in his arms now.  i am making an extra effort to try to see him tomorrow.  sent him another "what i am going to do to you" email to keep him horny and ask if we are on tomorrow.  if not it will be next tuesday at earliest.  think i will go insane by then.

8.30pm no reply :( i need to know does he want me or not?

off to get shaved best i can just in case...

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