Sunday, September 11, 2011

4th August 2011

had a not bad nights sleep, still quite horny but not as bad as last night.  got some dark circles under my eyes though.  may have to buy some makeup to cover them up today.

8.00am checked my email, and YAY! my BF got back to me saying "yes lets meet x"  only 1 kiss though, a girl wants more than that.

he also sent the email at 2.15am this morning, i hope he wasn't with some tramp.

will wait for a hour or so and then send him a get ready for tonight email!!!
feeling dead giddy now.  i wonder what other/real girls felt like before their first time?

9.30am couldn't wait any longer to send my BF the message that i will be there tonight.  sent him my mobile number so he can get in touch.  asked him for his address and confirmation about using a condom for oral sex.

hope he replies soon, but it might be unlikely!

looked at myself in the mirror - i seem to have come out in a few spots, just typical, i want to look my best and now i have spots.  looks like i am going to have to buy some concealer before my date.

enjoy typing the words date and BF. still giddy.  can't get any work done thinking about my date with my BF.

11.15 still no news.  if he really wanted me, wouldn't he have emailed by now??

1.00pm still nothing  :(

2.30pm again still nothing.  at this rate i will be setting off to his house before i know where it is!!  i have stopped recording whenever i check my email, it is too much typing.

2.45 and i notice that my BF has been online as he had logged in on the cottaging site where we met 10 minutes ago.  he had checked out my profile which is good, but still no email.  i quickly sent off a message through the cottaging site to ask him for his address.  maybe he has picked up the email and is going to ring me!!  but nothing yet.

its 3.00 pm now, and in 5 hours time i could have his cock in my mouth or my ass.  but i don't where to find him...

4.30 still nothing and i am heading home.  got to wait until he rings me now.
called on way hoe to get my hair cut, thought it might get hot under the wig tonight.

5.20 almost home when the phone rings.  at last my BF has rung me, on a witheld number :(
the bad news, he has got someone coming over tonight so we can't meet.  but the strange thing was that he then offered to come to mine?  anyway,he asked about the condom for oral sex, and i said i want to the first time, but maybe after that if we become a regular couple, then i may reconsider.  he then asked me if i had done this before, and i answered honestly, no.  i told him i cammitted to getting some action and he was the next person to contact me.  i asked him if it was a problem, and he said no.  he also asked how i was to dress when i arrived.  i told him how ever he wants, but he wants to be discrete, so it would be in male mode and change inside.

after finally talking this through he said he would get back to me within 1/2 hour to see if he could arrange something.  its 15mins on and i still don't know anything.  i am no further on than this morning lol.

well its 3 hours later and i thnk i have been dumped.  he did ask about tomorrow night, but i said no.  maybe if i said yes he would love me again?  feel like eating a lot to make myself happy.
why are men so cruel?
why don't they do what they say they will do?
why can't i get any sex?
*sob sob*

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