Thursday, September 15, 2011

5th august 2011

its dinnertime and nothing today.  after the "excitement" or lack of it yesterday. today is dull.  i am not waiting on every minute to check my email for a note from my BF, i have turned off my mobile and i am not bothered about him.

he had his chance and having revisisted our earlier exchanges i think he got cold feet.  i WAS so up for it yesterday, but that is his loss.  we have pencilled in next tuesday night, but i am not sure he is "the one" for me.

in an effort to get him to agree last night, i offered (after the first time) to go regularly to his house and suck him off and swallow his load, as i thought this might get him to change his plans, but to no avail.

as for my PBF, then it is making time in our schedules to get together.  i was up for it this week, but the moment seems to be passing now.

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Anonymous said...

I"m sorry Susan!