Monday, March 28, 2011

16a - Time to Change your watch

As a man generally you would have only worn a watch and no other jewellry...

....but from now on, this is going to change, isn't it?

You need a watch that hints (or show?) to the world, the real feminine, sissy you inside !

Activity / Task

Change your male masculine watch to a female dainty one.

Now you do this by

by buying a smaller female version of your current watch

or buying a decorated watch (with diamonds?) that normally only women wear

or by simply just buying a completely feminine watch and wearing this from now on?

The basic plan is that over time you want to always be wearing a sexy, feminine, watch to match all the other feminine lingerie, which also constantly reminds you of what you are- a real eager feminine sissy ! You agree don't you? !


Obviously do not move onwards until you have replaced your daily watch with a watch that would only normally be worn by a woman.

Look and enjoy the prettyiness and sexiness of it on your arm- does this outward reflection of the real you- not turn you on?

Only move forward when you have been wearing your new watch daily for a least a week. Has anyone spotted it and admired it- did you blush?

Onwards to your next sissy task .

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Charmane said...

I love Wicked Michael's incremental approach! It very much builds up slowly, one step at a time.