Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No. 10 - Your First Bra?

Current Position is :-

You have now completed the easy part of becoming both used to and addicted to wearing, panties, stockings and high heels.

You are figure training and dieting to achieve your sissy personal best.

Your toenails are kept pink and you have continued with a womanly regime in relation to toiletries etc.

Activity / Task

Since we now have your waist enthralled- let now think about getting a bra. Have a read though of this site http://www.myfirstbra.us/bra_basics_for_girls.php, first. That site has a bra calculator and lots of information for you, to determine your correct size.

Now since we are starting with nothing we need a miracle to create a bust or in this case the Wonder Bra . Have a look at the site http://www.wonderbra.co.uk/. What you really need is a push-up padded bra- to literally make a mountain out of a molehill. Or a water filled bra, which will simulate the movement of breasts or another option is to fill two ankle socks with birdseed and use these to fill out your bra. There are so many fun options- have a look at Transgenderzone breast page http://www.transgenderzone.com/shop/Breasts.htm
or Transformation  http://www.transformation.co.uk/ for ideas.
How many bra's do you buy? Buy one first to make sure that the size you've chosen fits. After that you will need enough to wear for each night and at the weekends. Like all your other sissy clothes- build it up over time and enjoy the shopping. Try to complete and match with your existing panties and of course buy new sets of bra's and panties, so they match. Keep to sissy colours for the moment like pink, white, lilac and fushia.


Your are now dressing in panties, pantyhose or stockings and a waist clincher during the day.

Or at least all of the above and high heels and a bra at night.

Your are keeping your lower body clean shaven and feminine, and your toes pink and adorable.

Your waist is becoming slimmer and you are probably feeling (and looking?) much more feminine

You are not to go onto the next step until you have completed your shopping for your bras.

You are not to go on to the next step until you have been wearing your bra's with everything else full time for at least two weeks.

You should now be able to put on and take off your bra with no problems at all.

If all the above is true, then onwards to the next step .

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Charmane said...

I think that that first picture, with the pink strapless bra, is one of the sexiest pictures in the whole series! She looks so delicious, and I so want to be her!