Friday, March 04, 2011

No. 3 - Being Smooth and Sexy

Current Position is :-

You are now wearing panties and pantyhose full time.

You have built up a private collection of both and know what fits you.

Activity / Task

Your next task is intimately related to your previous 2.

You are to remove all body hair from your legs, ass and sissy clit areas. This is to improve your sensous enjoyment in wearing pantyhose and to look more feminine. Your legs should look heavenly once they are smooth and sexy.

Preferably use a hair remover like Nair or Veet, as it is easier and safer. Obviously the first time doing this there will be a lot of hair to be removed, but after that just some small weekly or monthly maintenance will be involved. Test a small amount of the hair remover first by the way- to make sure you are not allergic to it and that it won't give you a rash.

You can use a blade- but you will be a very adventurous and thrill-seeking sissy to use one in those awkward areas ! If you have to use one, I suggest the sissy pink Gillete Venus and this gillete site has loads of sissy shaving tips.


You are not to go on to next step, until you are clean shaven and feminine from the waist down.

You don't have to wait and can go on to the next related step once you have done this.

Doesn't being smooth make your pantyhose feel so soft and silky as it comes up your legs and as you walk around during the day, it makes you feel so sexy and feminine and horny !

If all the above is true, then continue to the next easy task .

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