Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No. 18 - End of Chapter 2

That's the end of chapter 2, where we just mainly concentrated on your dressing with some makeup and figure training thrown in.

If you got here in 10 minutes- you are just reading the pages and not following the training.

It should have taken you about 6 months to get here and to be a fully dressed sissy and well at home in panties, stockings, high heels etc.

Next chapter?

The next chapter will start you into various activities that will make you a better sissy- like the wonderful role model on the right.

Be prepared to start re-organising your life- to follow your dream.

One of the ideals you should have no problem understanding now- is that it is a full time job, being a woman and that is even more so for a sissy.

Onward to more training .


Anonymous said...

now the REAL fun begins ;)

Anonymous said...

She's so sexy! Annecd