Monday, March 07, 2011

No. 5 - High Heels

Current Position is :-

You are now wearing panties and pantyhose full time.

You have built up a private collection of both and know what fits you.

You look and feel smooth, sexy and feminine- at least from the waist down.

Activity / Task

You are going to have to get a pair of high heels shoes- preferably black court shoes, with a heel of at least 3 inches to wear at home each night. Also a black skirt to finish your look.

Wearing pantyhose without high heels is like strawberries without cream- they are just made for each other. So go shopping again. You will need to find your correct size, so an additional task is to search the internet and make sure you get your correct size, there are many size charts available.

Wearing high heels will train your legs and make you feel more feminne and sexy at home each night. If you need help or instruction on high heels have a look at JJ Leganeur 's site ( )and book about the subject.

You are as part of our training schedule, dressing en-femme as much as possible at home each night?


Your are now dressing in panties and pantyhose during the day.

Your are keeping your lower body clean shaven and feminine.

You are not to go on to next step, until you are well able to walk and do your housework in high heels, panty, pantyhose and a skirt.

You are not to go on to next step, until at least two weeks has passed- I want you to practice your walk and realise the joy and sexiness of being in high heels and a skirt that sways as you move.

Being dressed now makes you happy and sexy. You feel both more relaxed and oddly excited at the same time?

If all the above is true, then to the next sissy step .


Sharon said...

I'm so glad you are posting these series. I have look on the internet to find that site that had these, as I really enjoy going back to it now and then. I haven't been able to locate it. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Susan, thankyou so much.Im so glad that you kept them I so loved them when they were around.


Charmane said...

Keep 'em coming - I'm enjoying rediscovering them!