Monday, March 07, 2011

No. 4 - Sissy Toiletries

Current Position is :-

You are now wearing panties and pantyhose full time.

You have built up a private collection of both and know what fits you.

You look and feel smooth, sexy and feminine- at least from the waist down.

Activity / Task

Your next task is reasonably straight forward and you might be doing it already.

Start to buy feminine hygiene products like shower gel and moisturising creams to use on yourself.

You will really enjoy moisturising your legs, ass and leave you sissy clit until last... and make this a daily routine, for whenever you have the most time to pamper yourself.

This plan is to slowly over time, to surround yourself with feminine products like creams, razors, gels- things that you normally have to use and why not put a sissy twist on them- so you feel more sexy and feminine as you shower etc.


Just start from now on to buy feminine products for yourself.

You don't have to wait and can go on to the next step .

1 comment:

Sharon said...

I always have a supply of feminine hygiene products on hand such as douche, tampons, sanitary napkins along with scented; body wash lotion and perfume.