Friday, March 18, 2011

No. 12a - Women's Magazines

Current Position is :-

You have now become addicted to a daily sissy regime of lingerie dressing.

You are figure training yourself into a sissy feminine shape.

Your toenails are so pink and sexy and you are wearing feminine night attire to bed !

Activity / Task.

This is a simple task- from now on buy at least 2 women's mags each week. Find one that gives beauty tips and since you are starting off, maybe start with a teen magazine and work up from there.

Most girls have had years of self training in clothes and makeup from their friends/sisters etc, to build up the level of knowledge they have about various makeup types, lingerie, shoes, perfume, skirts, jewellry etc. You are trying to play 'catch-up' and start using the magazines to build up your knowledge of everything feminine and sexy.


Continue on with your dressing and care of your nails.

You are not to continue until you have at least bought one woman's maagazine, read it cover to cover and learnt something from it.

Look upon the weekly reading of every woman's magazine you can get your hands on, as your weekly sissy homework !.

Continue on when the above is true .

1 comment:

Sharon said...

When I came to your page, I felt the need to go ahead and ordered two subscriptions to women magazines.
I would buy them at the grocery store whenever I brought my feminine needs but like the idea of getting them in the mail.