Friday, March 04, 2011

Blogs Removed

hi all, i am glad that some of you are enjoying (even reading!!!) my blog.  i am mainly just sharing some of my favourite files that i have on my computer.

just a warning to you all - some of my favourite blogs and websites have disappeared in the past without warning, so just in case this blog gets deleted (not by me), i would suggest that you copy/download/print any sections that you particularly enjoy or may want to view in the future.

if i hadn't have downloaded the wicked michael guide, then i would not be able to post it!!

the above said, i have no plans to delete my blog, it is just in case someone complains (it only takes 1) then it may be removed.  i would start another one, but you may never come across it!!!

p.s. - thanks for all the comments, at least i know that you are enjoying what i am posting and that i am not wasting my time!!

1 comment:

Charmane said...

I know exactly what you mean, and I'm glad that you archived the Wicked Michael guide before the site disappeared.

I had saved the first five Sissy Station assignments; you've inspired me to think about reposting them in my blog.