Thursday, March 10, 2011

No. 7 - End of Chapter 1

Current Position is :-

You are now dressing feminine from the waist down and love wearing high heels at night.

You look and feel smooth, sexy and feminine- at least from the waist down.

Pause and plan !

Okay- up to this the previous activities were easy and secretive. Now we want to continue the fun on your upper body.

Obviously you will look more feminine if you are slim (anyone disagree?) or at least proportional to your height/build.

For this reason give yourself an ideal body weight goal or an ideal waist size to achieve. This should be planned over a long time period (6 months?) and certainly you should not do any crash dieting which I believe is unhealthy. The basic idea is to slowly merge/move/achieve this size slowly- even small daily changes (more swimming or fucking !) will help.

Your are now dressing in panties and pantyhose during the day and high heels at night.

Your are keeping your lower body clean shaven and feminine.

You have now planned out, how to keep (or start?) being slim and sexy.

You are now ready, to start work on the feminization of your upper body.

If all the above is true, then to the next chapter .

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