Thursday, March 03, 2011

No. 2 - Pantyhose

Current Position is :-

You are now wearing panties full time and also shopping for more to complete your sissy wardrobe.


Your next task is go shopping and buy 20 pairs of pantyhose. Yes 20 !.

You will need one for every day and you will also have some as laundry always- like your panties.

Obviously buy one first to choose the correct size.

We will move onto stockings later in training, but for the moment we want you encased in silky pantyhose to furthur the feeling.

A small related task as you are buying them is to work out what the denier signifies- I could easily tell you, but better for you to test wearing different pantyhose to see how they feel.

Here in Ireland and the UK they are called tights but I do prefer the American name pantyhose as it does sound more sexy.

Love these new tights (on the right) which are invented to lift and shape the buttocks- ideal for sissies !

Available from the site

You are not to go on to next step, until you are wearing panties and pantyhose every under your normal male clothes.

You are not to go on to next step, until at least a week has passed- you need time to both enjoy the feeling of wearing pantyhose and to do more shopping.

Does it feel sexy and make you horny to wear panty's and pantyhose and no one knows? Do you love feel of pantyhose on your legs and ass? Do you look sexy in them? Have you found your correct size and favourite pattern colour and denier?

If all the above is true, then continue to the next easy task .

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Sharon said...

I came across your site by accident but have really enjoyed it so far.
I have it bad when at work all I can think about is getting home and getting into my feminine self.
I have been keeping body hairless for the six years. I also keep nail polish on my toenails six days out of the week. I also use feminine hygiene products; such douche, tampons, sanitary napkins and premenstrual medicine.