Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Wicked Michael Feminisation Guide

The following screens are a series of guides/instructions to follow slowly over time- to feminize yourself and hopfully turn yourself into a delicious sissy like the role model on the right.

Obviously this is easier if you have a dominant Mistress to help you along at various stages, but I will assume you do not, and my instructions will reflect this.

I have just started this guide and only completed just beyond the first chapter- it's a work in progress. I will update it weekly until I am happy that I have complete, at least the first version of it.

The organization of each training page is

A recap of what you should currently be doing (the current stage of your sissy development)

The current defining/training activity.

Pre-requisites and time period to explore this activity, before you move on to the next element of training.

If you'd like to travel down this silky road-

take step 1 and enjoy yourselves...

Sissies are born to serve and trained to please !


Charmane said...


Thank you so much for posting these! I was sooo disappointed when Wicked Michael's site disappeared!

SissyMaidMX said...

Same here... you rescue such important guide!!!