Friday, March 11, 2011

No. 8 - Waist Training

Current Position is :-

You have now completed the easy part of becoming both used to and addicted to wearing, panties, pantyhose and high heels

You look and feel smooth, sexy and feminine- at least from the waist down.

Activity / Task

We want you to start working on having a feminine figure, specifically a thin waist.

Have a read of this medical advice on tightlacing and weight loss .

The two approaches to this are dieting which will be doing and a new activity, which is wearing waist clinchers (corsets will come later !).

Buy a waist clincher (isn't the pink one on the right, adorable !) that is 2 inches smaller than your current waist size, and make it part of your daily feminine dressing routine. Obviously this won't be possible for everyone but try to wear it at night or weekends if it is impossible at work. Make sure it has suspenders, as they will be needed for your next task.


Your are now dressing in panties, pantyhose and a waist clincher during the day.

Or at least all of the above and high heels at night.

Your are keeping your lower body clean shaven and feminine, and your toes pink and adorable.

You are not to go on to the next step until you have seen some improvement in your waist size.

If all the above is true, then onwards to a step I know you will enjoy .

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Charmane said...

I _love_ that pink corset, and especially the back view!