Wednesday, March 09, 2011

No. 6 - Sissy Toenails

Current Position is :-

You are now wearing panties and pantyhose full time.

You have built up a private collection of both and know what fits you.

You are wearing high heels at home each night and enjoying the sensation.

You look and feel smooth, sexy and feminine- at least from the waist down.

Activity / Task

You legs must look very sexy as they are now being kept clean shaven and silky smooth inside your pantyhose. To improve the look and to get your used to girly body maintenance, you will now start to paint your nails.

There is a number of simple reasons for this :-

Because you can do it and still be a secret sissy.

Because it is good training for later, when you do your fingernails.

Because it is sexy and very sissy to see.

Because it compliments the sissy training and care of your body.

Because you will enjoy it.

No choice in color- choose sissy pink. Later in training once you've achieved a certain slut goal- you can move onto red.


Your are now dressing in panties and pantyhose during the day and high heels at night.

Your are keeping your lower body clean shaven and feminine.

You are not to go on to next step, until your toes are painted and look adorable.

You are not to go on to next step, until at least two weeks has passed- I want you to practice the care of your pink toenails and be aware of appreciative of all the work women put in to maintain their bodies.

If all the above is true, then to the first rest point .

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