Thursday, March 17, 2011

No. 12 - Exercise

Current Position is :-

You have now become addicted to a daily sissy regime of lingerie dressing.

You are figure training yourself into a sissy feminine shape.

Your toenails are so pink and sexy and you are wearing feminine night attire to bed !

Activity / Task

This activity relates to both your dieting and waist/figure training.

Buy a female workout video- one you find sexy- like the one above.

Then buy a pink tracksuit or leotard and each night follow the video for at least 20 minutes.

The basic plan remember is to make you more femme and flexible- not muscular ! so train with a female aerobics video.


I won't recap everything specific item from now on- you know the basics you should be doing.

You are secretly dressing in feminine lingerie during the day.

In the evening you are dressing in heels, doing figure training and following a sissy exercise regime.

At night in bed- you are in a sissy nightress, so you wake up each morning feeling femme, sexy and so turned on.

I will now give you a goal- You are not to go onto the next step until you have seen some improvement in your figure. With the dieting and sissy exercise, (if you are following this regime) no improvement is almost impossible !

Wait whatever time it takes- for you to be content that your figure is improving- this can be weeks or months?

If all the above is true, then onwards to a step the next step .

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